The Charter Supervision Software

Discover, the complete toolbox to create and manage charter agreements. Benefit from the attractive tax scheme and secured legal framework of the new Cruise Agreement. Connect with other professionals to prepare your draft, collect eSignature and close a deal in minutes!

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Boost profits by increasing efficiency

Let Wolfgang suggest the best option for both your client and yourself and provide a secured legal framework for the yacht owner.
Maintain the focus on your business from lead to deal.


Keep your collaborations swift and secure

Keep your working relationships swift and secure Save time for everyone: connect instantly with brokers, agents, yacht owners and other stakeholders in a secure environment.
Reach agreements faster through live collaboration.


Generate Contracts with unique tools

Your interface offers unique tools to optimize prices using the new Cruise Agreement. Benefit from legally backed tax-reductions.
Compare prices and commissions between different types of charter agreements.


Streamline the process with eSignature

Offer all parties a ready-to-sign agreement and the advantage of legally-binding and officially-recognized ID and eSignature processes.

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